What Kingdom Dreams is About

*You’ll see this same chunk of text in the About page. Maybe forever.*

In September of 2009 I returned home from a whirlwind year of travel, community living, spiritual awakening, and sacrificial service. That was the World Race, and I highly recommend it to everyone I know.

I’m still awakening, still growing, and still learning how to live each day as an act of faith, as an expression of love, as a mission for the Kingdom of God, as a worthy sequel to the life of Jesus. The journey is a long one, and I’m enjoying most of it.

This blog is titled Kingdom Dreams because, um, I’m a dreamer. And so is God. While I was out on the field, He woke up my mind and my heart to all the beautiful possibilities, yearnings, and hopes He has for this world — he implanted in me scattered visions and rumors of the world that He’s already restoring. This blog is titled Kingdom Dreams because all that stuff really excites me.

That is — I’m not special. I’m just hopeful. And my hope is that my hope is infectious.

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