Walk Already!

I’ll compress what could be a long story into a short package for you.

In the last few weeks of thinking/praying about the move to Colorado, I lost track of what I’m supposed to be doing here. My day-to-day life grew complacent. Emptiness and disconnection kicked in. By sometime last week I was on the threshold of my old chronic depression.

The bad news: I was naïve to think the depression was done forever.

The good news: The battle’s much easier to fight now.

So on Monday I fled from my shiny computer, out of my comfy house, walked around for a bit, sat down in a park, and opened up whimsically to the opening of John 5. (1-9)


  • Jesus asks invalid if he wants to get well
  • Invalid describes his difficulties and doesn’t answer question
  • Jesus says *drumroll* . . .

Get up and walk!

That is — rise up! The righteous shall live by faith, and Jesus already overcame the world (read death) so that we could step into that life of faith. Spiritual warfare? Depression? Doubt? Fear? All defeated already! I was beset by my feelings of emptiness, imagining myself helpless like the invalid, and Jesus says “Get over it, I’m with you, now let’s go man!”

So. Get over it. Rise up. You’re sons and daughters of the King. Go raise the dead. Just a reminder.

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  1. Hey Ian, I am sorry to learn that you suffer from chronic depression, however, you do now know the cure:) Looking forward to meeting you in CO. THanks for the 1,2,3 step to your new location. I think I got it. Love, Ma VW


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