Return from the Wilderness

Most of you know by now that I’m moving back to Austin.

It’s funny–6 weeks ago I was sure that the Lord was leading me into new calling and a new home base somewhere up here in the mountains. I was convinced that Austin was no longer my home, and I was hungry to chase after bigger things and newer places.

Now, with the internship drawing to an end, after much prayer and counsel . . . I’m about 98% certain that Austin is still my home–the only one I have right now–that my community is still there, and that the Lord is going to lead me into all the new calling and the bigger dreams that I could ask for, right there in my home town. But more on all that later.

I’m also pretty sure that He led me up here on purpose, too.

When I arrived on Jan. 4th, having said goodbye to my family; my dear friends; my church; and the streets, landmarks, and way of life I’ve reveled in for 24 years … I cried! And over these weeks, amidst this new abandonment, this fog, this rootlessness … I’ve raised my arms to heaven in supplication, throwing myself fully onto God’s provision and guidance. And because I believed I had left my home for good … I was forced into a deeper faith than I’ve ever needed before.

Know what’s interesting? When I board my flight on Saturday, I will have been gone for exactly 40 days. Yep, no kidding. Just like Jesus in the desert. This has been a season of separation and preparation. A fast, maybe, from the flurry of relationships and activity that marks my life in Austin. A time for my faith and purpose to be tested, and defined.

And without question, I will be returning to Galilee in power.

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  1. As Katie said, freakin’ awesome! I’m so excited for you, Ian. You really have no idea what’s in store. So hard in some ways, but so good in others. I’ll be praying for you!


  2. I hear you might be working for Austin only frozen banana stand. I think it’s kinda perfect.
    Take care of my wonderful business partner. She’s the most incredible girl on the planet.
    -anna bananarchy


  3. This so encourages me. I was similarly convinced that I’d be in Austin for only 6 months. Well 6 months was up last week and it’s pretty clear that I’m to stay here indefinitely. 🙂 God’s mysterious ways, hmm?


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