Life as a Mover/Shaker

About a month ago I realized I was getting tired of working at Bananarchy, which revived an old issue in my life: that there are very few things I’ve ever set my mind to that I haven’t soon grown tired of. It’s been a willpower thing, a maturity thing, a humility thing … and it’s never really been dealt with.

So I went to God with this old/new problem, fearing that I would want to ditch my work, my discipleship, my girlfriend — things that I feel very certain are worth sticking with. Trying to fight against this false identity of a person who gets excited but never committed — a quitter.

And very quickly, amid my panicked submission, Jesus said “Dude, calm down. That’s not who you are anymore. Not since you received manhood from me on the Race.

Ok! I’ve grown, I receive that, thank you God. But He also spoke about a deeper reason still at work, a root: “I’ve wired you for movement. You’re not just working for Bananarchy (that would make you nuts!). You’re working Bananarchy toward something. You’re a mover. That’s who you are. So when you encounter stagnance, complacence, resistance, stuck-ness … don’t abandon the cause to find something else that’s moving! Instead, pick up your own hands and move that thing forward!

That’s what I received about a month ago. Whew!

That word is for anyone that wants it, too. Have fun! More soon.

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  1. I like your comments and your attitude adjustment to stick with it. Bananarchy, no doubt, has benefitted from your devotion and ideas and you have benefitted from the experience. I’m proud of you!!


  2. Movement. That’s a cool way of putting it. Like he’s made you to be a part of a cause, something bigger and grander than yourself, rather than just a job. I want that too.


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