Life As a Dependent

When I moved back to Austin, God quickly provided:

  1. housing right where I need to be
  2. a job to pay for the housing
  3. a borrowed van to get me to the job

Then, when the borrowed car catastrophically failed 10 days ago … I was a little shaken. It’s been hard enough to trust that these gifts will be both sufficient for me and protected by God. Then, the dang van breaks down …

So, lacking any resources for repairs, dumping the van into the hands of its owner, skipping town for a weekend wedding, and fighting with God ardently about what on earth He was up to, I said simply: “I just need to know that I can trust you.”

… does Jesus ever give you this certain tone when He knows you know already, but He remains patient with you still?

He said simply: “You can.

A life dependent on God’s provision can be exhausting, true, but rejecting such a gift and seizing our own way to provide will lead to much worse. He is the only true good, and the only one who will be truly faithful to us. All He asks for is a mustard seed …

My return from the weekend away found the van fixed without issue and without great expense, running better than she did before. Bananarchy is expanding, my income is going up, and Jesus is answering some prayers with ferocious precision. This God is good!

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  1. Ian, I love how you are so faithful in your trust, even at the times you do it kicking and screaming. I feel like there’s tiny earthquakes happing all around you (in a good way), and you are yet to realize just how much He is shaking things up through you. So you might get a little shaken in the process but it is GOOD. Thanks for the reminder of faith. You are a great man. Blessings.


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