The July Challenge

This month shall be a bang. I have a few resolutions in mind, so here we go:

For several years, I have been told that I should write more. And I love it, and I have ideas bursting out of my head all the time, and I finally have the space in my life that I might seriously be able to explore writing as a discipline, more than an occasional hobby. I got a hold of Jeff Goins’ new book You Are a Writer, and it has lit me up. So, I’m setting a challenge for myself: I’m going to write a blog every day for the month of July, and see what happens.

Back in January after SearchLight, I decided I wanted to share more stories from the World Race that I never told, or never knew how to tell, or never understood until much later. I’ll finally be making good on that offer and rolling out some of those stories.

Meanwhile, I’m going to explore a few other directions and see what arises. I have a write list that’s a page long, and I’m wagering that at least three of those ideas are good. You may see some thoughts on dating, marriage, intimacy; the usual cultural observations; ruminations on manhood and the masculine identity; honest confessions about work ethic, and vocational questions … etc. It should be fun.

I’m also going to slowly implement some simple lifestyle changes in the wake of the Demigods blog. For starters, my fiancee and I have resolved to eat out just once a week for the month of July. I anticipate that at some point this covenant will irritate me, especially when I’m tired and hungry at the end of the day … but I’ll just have to grow up, go to the store, save some money, and eat some real food for once.

Finally, I’ll be pruning and tweaking this blog throughout July, as I already have begun. This is in preparation for content expansion, and hopefully more exposure, so expect the layout to change a bit, background pages to get filled in, links to multiply, etc. Who knows, we may even find some kind of unifying motif or message showing itself here by the end of this month ( … maybe).

That’s all for now. Thanks for coming along for the ride. If you have any thoughts on what you’d like to see written here, I am happily accepting recommendations.

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