Into the Hotzone!

The expedition of friends that moved me to Colorado went beautifully. Three memorable days together. When the group came to say final goodbyes after moving me in, they revealed their secret conspiracy to buy me a brand new djembe drum — which pushed me over the edge, and let out tears that had been trying to come for days. That hour I made the world high score for best friends. How God has blessed me!

These intervening days have been interesting. Colorado Springs is beautiful and cold, and different from Austin. My mentor and I are well-matched; we hike the forested hills behind his house nearly everyday. His family has been extraordinarily welcoming. And the work, altogether, has been good.

Tomorrow the crux of the internship begins — we’re flying to Iraq to film for World Orphans in Erbil, Kurdistan. In these coming 10 days, I ask for your prayers! That we are anointed to capture the God-story out there; that we are alert in the prophetic; that we minister and love not as mere video men, but as Jesus; that we are protected in our travels.

Two more things:

1) World Orphans surprised us with a late quote for in-country expenses. I’m currently trying to raise around $900 more to cover those ground costs. Please pray for that provision! (There’s always that Donate button on the right side …)
2) This internship ends on January 31st, and I’m believing God fiercely to raise up a new home and a new calling. I am desperate for this, but walking in faith. Please pray for the revelation to come, for the opportunity to appear. I’ve heard whispers from God that all this might materialize while I’m in Iraq!

Thanks, friends. I’ll try to update as I can. God willing, you’ll hear from me again after the 23rd.

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