Harvest Fields of Kurdistan

The past ten days were just God-driven fireworks.

The Lord provided both the call and the means (surprise) for me to travel to northern Iraq to film for World Orphans, with a group of men that included my new mentor, Britt Jones, and several other fathers and husbands, all of them seasoned travelers and Kingdom sowers.

Kurdistan was breathtaking and eye-opening for us all. Not the dusty warzone that news media have painted as Iraq. No, this land is safe, burgeoning with growth, relatively secular, American-friendly, tolerant, and beautiful. It is not twisted by the internecine conflict that marks the surrounding Arab world.

The believers here are indeed very few, but their shared intuition is that their home is now ripe for the harvest. And the laborers are trickling in, or being raised up from the ground. Truly, an exciting place.

Our Kurdish contact says he presses on for the fact that, in spite of the progress of recent years — economic, political, social and military — the only true hope for his people is Jesus. Another native, a pastor, is so convinced of Kurdistan’s rising Kingdom role in this region that he said “Kurdistan will soon be the nail in the coffin of Islam in the Middle East.” Keep your eyes on this humble outcast nation — they may soon be sending missionaries of their own.

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  1. Ian, thanks for the updates. Your pictures are incredible as always… that little girl is so cute, and the look on her face is amazing. I’m still praying for you, keep up the good work.


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