Groundwork (pt. 2)

Pedicabbing felt like it was the job that finally actualized my long-held ideals of freedom and flexibility. So, when things turned sour with the pedicab lifestyle, I started rethinking. My free time that was supposed to be so creative and fruitful had become aimless and wasteful. I lacked focus. I lacked mission. I didn’t really know
what I was supposed to work on. After a few months, I knew that I needed something to direct my energies toward.

Suddenly and perhaps for the first time in my life, I understood that a full-time job didn’t have to be slavery; I realized that it could be a good and fruitful way to simply work. I’ll return to the concept of work later.

So, there I was, cornered by the subtle gambits of the Spirit. I felt fear at this conclusion I had reached. Was it time for me to get a real job? Crap. Half the reason I had avoided one for so long was simple fear that I’d never be able to stick with it. I had a momentary panic.

But, God reminded me of something He had told me months before — that I could handle it. He had been preparing me for this day. And so I armed myself with hope, and He dropped the job at Volusion into my lap. I set my energy toward transitioning to this new full-time rhythm, rejoining the land of daylight labor, meeting and enjoying my co-workers, and above all honoring the privilege of work. It went very well.

More on this soon.

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