God’s Hammer

A little more about the process by which God transforms us.

About 4 months into the Race I was a little frustrated. It seemed that every time I had come close to a moment of selfless catharsis (or whatever), I would squirm my way out of the dissonance, raise up my defense mechanisms, and go numb again. How irritating.

In response the Lord gave me a vivid picture of a hammer trying to pound in a nail. The Spirit’s trying to drive us into the wood, but so often we bend and kink up — that’s our brokenness and fear. But God’s so patient and gentle, he gingerly straightens us out until we’re ready to be sunk in a little deeper.

And throughout my year overseas, I had almost no moments of outright “wrecking.” Most of the heart adjustments were so subtle that I didn’t notice the trend unfolding until the end. In the final week of the Race, in Costa Rica, one morning we interceded for the young men of our village and . . . I just cried. I was overcome with the Lord’s heart for them. I was surprised at the emotion and passion he’d put in me. I had been gingerly straightened throughout the year, and in this moment, I was driven deeper into the wood.

So the question begs: what’s the hammer and nail building? Maybe it’s your cross.

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    1. Heh, you mean you wake up one day and wonder why you ever bothered opening your heart and eyes up to all this awareness and and hurt and dissonance in the world?

      (or what?)


      1. nah not that. i just think sometimes the nail thinks it might break because the wood’s too hard…yet even as i type i know that’s not true. 🙂 He won’t put us through anything we can’t handle through His strength!


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