I wrote 4 weeks ago that I’d be returning to Austin, after a stint in the mountains that suspiciously lasted exactly 40 days. Like Jesus post-desert, I’m back on my home turf now. Unlike Jesus, nobody’s tried to throw me off any cliffs. Not yet, at least.

I’m again leading Fight Club, that earnest group of college boys who have become the great loves of my life. My ‘leadership’ is almost unneeded now — these men have been blooming and transforming, and are now definitely building each other up without my help. God’s also moving now among some old friends, guys I’ve known since the early days of college, people that I’ve prayed and cried out for. Now, in this new season, I’m suddenly getting to watch the Spirit open up their hearts!

There’s my still-unnamed Sunday night turbocharger: a small, informal, energetic gathering of 20-something believers from all around the UT campus area, full of encouragement, joyful worship noise, penetrating teaching, and prophetic revelation–a gift to me every single week! There’s my new Kingdom family, Hope Chapel, a little church with huge depth, numerous prayer warriors, and astounding prophetic richness; and among that flock are two men who are now mentoring me … one of whom is the head pastor!

I’m living again in the Hampton House, a dilapidated 3-story co-op mansion near UT, filled with ~30 Christian students and young professionals. My heart has grown immensely for this near-accidental cluster of transient believers. I’m doing what I can to add to this body, and God is slowly making it blossom.

There’s Bananarchy, a year-old startup business selling Austin’s only chocolate-dipped frozen bananas–a Hampton House original. I’m one of only two staffers for this little Kingdom-minded enterprise, and though mobile food service was never in my career aspirations, I’m finding that my gifts and passions are being channeled fruitfully here, and at a critical time for Bananarchy’s future.

Finally … there’s romance. Plenty of details to omit here, but suffice it to say the Spirit has led me to a girl whose passions for adventure, discipleship, and outreach, all deeply overlap my own. In fact, this shared calling in the Lord has really formed the foundation of our connection, and continues to be the best common ground we have. Anyway … we’re taking it very slow, and celebrating lots of God-did’s in our shared ministries, and finding a whole lot of joy together.

Hoo-ee! The Lord is good, and my plate is very full. More details on all this stuff in the next few weeks.

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  1. Hey, Ian,
    Hampton House – Wendy and I actually stayed there the first night before freshman orientation began. In 2003 it was an mid-scale off campus boarding house that rented out rooms during the summer.
    The banana thing fruitful…ha!
    Oh, and tell the girl hello for me


  2. I, too, enjoyed the fruitfullness. I love the example your life is to others, just simply by the fact that you are living it!


  3. Whoot whoot! Sounds like you got it goin’ on, bro.
    And I will want some of those bananas to enjoy while I read the email you’re going to send me with more details about this romance …
    Big hugs 😉


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