Faithful with little …

It’s been an incredibly rich summer. Sheesh.

I continued with Bananarchy. In fact, the Spirit’s taught me to be truly grateful for it. The enterprise has grown to the point of bursting. It’s an exciting point in history for chocolate-frozen bananas on US soil.

I’ve seen community life inside my dilapidated 3-story co-op surge to encouraging heights. Kingdom is being borne inside these walls in a hurry. A friend of mine from the old days has even moved in, and is rapidly approaching Jesus’s feet.

My heart has grown incredibly for Sarah. Even as I’ve passed through a gauntlet of trials and attacks on my heart there this summer, I’ve emerged on the far side believing more than ever that God wants us to share our whole lives together.

I’ve heard whispers of God’s bold new plans for Fight Club, the college guys I disciple, who will soon begin their final year of school. I see them going out, speaking of the Kingdom, taking risks in front of each other, and testing fiercely all the faith we’ve gained together through these years. I can’t wait.

In all these things and more, I’m poised on the edge of a transition. There are new things coming. One night some of my housemates here were praying over me, and among my own breathless tears, I heard: “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much.

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