Autumn, etc.

It’s been too long. Too much to bother recounting. A few bits that come to mind, in no particular order …

This God has been so faithful to me, it’s nearly heartbreaking. He’s given such a consistent pattern of both pouring out reason-less gifts, and rewarding my sincere efforts, that something like a new, more grown-up trust has taken root here. When I think about God, it feels now as though I actually believe He’ll move. It’s no longer a question of whether He’ll answer my longings, my desires, my quiet moments of joy or yearning or desperation. He answers. He always does. He’s always good. The only question that ever remains is how he’ll be good to His children.

The Argosy Project is underway, and it’s quite good. There are about 15 of us here in this complex, and we’ve spent the fall just getting to know each other in an easy way, in the hopes of undergirding a community, a vision, a corporate movement, which maybe the Spirit will lead us into later. We shall see.

And I know that I’ve grown older in these last couple of years. Though I’m still a young man, I can feel the seeds of weariness beginning to heckle my bones. And though I’m still a young man, I am beginning to feel old and steady in this journey with Jesus. When I find sin in my life, there is no longer a panicked reaction, a frantic pendulum swing. Instead there is confidence in my identity, trust in the finished work of the cross, and a calm that He who began this work in my heart and my mind, He will indeed finish it. And though I’m still a young man, I can look back on my youth, and forward into my manhood, of which I am now certain. And I can know now that all the unsteadiness that is left in me is just the detritus of adolescence, thought patterns in my mind that have yet to catch up with the transformation of my heart, and a flesh that refuses to submit. And this dirt is easily brushed away, because the Spirit is triumphant.

And, I’ll try to write more, because recently there was a bit of a word given that it’s time for me to be writing. And I hope for whoever reads this, that you take confidence in the work of the cross, finished already, and finished in you.

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