Adventure’s Eve

Tomorrow holds a whole new adventure.

I realized today that I’ve been back on American soil for precisely 4 months. The Lord has been so incredibly gracious to me during this time. Sigh.

He plugged me back into a loving community, providing a crash-pad to cradle my landing. He gave me deep and joyful opportunities to minister. He led me into new relationships, memorable new friendships. He taught me how to live on his provision — not just travel, not just go on pilgrimage, not just raise support for a journey — but how to live, be, and thrive in one place, sustained by nothing but His efforts. He showed me what dangers I’ll face here again. He’s gingerly re-taught me lessons from the Race that bear application here in “normal” life. He’s softened my heart even more.

It’s been a wonderful season. Now I’m bound for a new adventure. Tomorrow I’ll hit the road for Colorado Springs, where I’ll join an anointed Christian filmmaker as an apprentice for a month. He’ll teach me everything he can in that time. I’ll even have the privilege of joining him for 10 days on a filming assignment in northern Iraq! I told you — it’s a whole new adventure.

After January, the sky is the limit. Numerous prayers have confirmed that I will find something up there, that the Lord absolutely does not intend to leave me hanging. I’ll have my ear to the ground.

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  1. Your ‘ear to the ground’ is a reflection of emails that are grounding. I enjoy the faith and discipline that has transitioned you during this time. Blessings.


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