A Season of Destinies

It feels like a glory season here in Austin. The Spirit is stretching out His fingers and alighting on practically everything that I can see and touch, creating a vast flowering that’s electrifying my communities, and growing my expectations for Him to move.

Two weeks ago was another Tuesday night dinner at Argosy. But, this time we’d invited everyone from the surrounding Argosy ‘galaxy’, the supra-community if you will, to come share in the food, and also to speak into the future course of our nascent fellowship. The words shared were powerful and prophetic. Lots of people weighed in, with some surprising insights about what the Lord has already established in this place. It seems Argosy has already become a place that invites others in and blesses them with an overflow from our lives; we offer stability and hospitality; we have helped each other re-orient and set our sights on the next thing; above all, everyone seemed convinced that Argosy will continue, regardless of my leaving, or any other flux of membership. I was humbled and delighted. A quiet vision of mine from last spring has grown into something much bigger, and much more permanent than I’d imagined was possible.

Three days later saw the first Austin Gathering of Communities, a one-night event of potluck fellowship, laughter, connection, discussion, and lighthearted live music, intended specifically to draw together all of Austin’s intentional Christian communities. I helped plan this thing, and was again blown away by the yield. We had something like 80 people show up from more than a dozen different communities, and the atmosphere was rich and joyful all night long. What’s growing out of this is a simple network of friendships among all these different clans, an email group, and future plans for more Gatherings. In the future, we hope to see common sharing of housing and prayer needs, much bigger efforts of collaboration, inter-communal mentoring, etc. It’s unbelievable how quickly this appears to be taking off.

Worship is blowing my mind. At Hampton House there was a period of renewal throughout the fall, such that now their weekly House Church nights are explosive and full — I’m honored to get to come and soak up the presence of the Lord that is growing in that place. Also, there’s the Wilshire house, a recent acquaintance of 4-5 girls (mainly World Racers) who are quickly becoming treasured friends, and whose house has become another glowing node in my adventures through this city. The monthly Wilshire worship nights are like mighty wrecking balls, and for a few hours this house of hospitality and warmth is transformed into a house on fire with jubilation and shouts of thanksgiving to this great God.

And running through all of this is a subtle current of commissioning, shooting quietly through dozens of my companions, each of whom find themselves alongside me in this odd wonderful transitional mid-20s life stage. Jesus is calling us each deeper and further out into dreams, into callings, into experiments and great risks and adventures. It’s a building season. It’s a training season. Some of my closest friends are having their hearts purified right now before they venture into their next steps of destiny. Some will go out to the nations. Others will dive with greater courage into entrepreneurial dreams already in progress here. Others will move into marriage, or further schooling, or the establishment of great works of ministry or community.

This is a beautiful symphony to get to be a part of. This spring is about to be a sweet sweet song. Thank you Jesus.

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