2012, and Stories et. al.

As I look back, it seems the Spirit has a propensity for changing things in a big way at the start of every new year. That’s fun.

This year, in a couple of short days, I’ll journey back to AIM headquarters in Gainesville GA. This is the organization that runs The World Race, that wild rite of passage that left its mark on my journey years ago. They do a thing called Searchlight every year, and as far as I understand it’s a week-long smorgasboard of visioning, worship, and cross-pollination of dreams, among dozens and dozens of World Race alumni gathered together, and with the help and guidance of teachers, coaches, and leaders from various ministries and industries. The idea in short is to get WR alums re-ignited and kick-started along toward whatever dreams the Spirit has laid on our hearts.

I’m excited.

Homework in preparation for Searchlight was to read Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. This book was great, and if you have the time, you ought to read it, and I mean that regardless of who you are. A bare bones take-away might be this: it is desperately important that we live good stories. Our lives are unavoidably narrative in nature, but when there is no drive or conflict or redemption or even interest in that narrative … we find ourselves lost, depressed, troubled, or at best bored and listless. This applies to sons and daughters, husbands and wives, single people, and whole families together, and there are some honest examples of each in Miller’s rambling work.

And to me, this thesis feels somehow instinctive. But of course, I’m a storyteller, and have been at times guilty accused of over-narrating (or over-revising) my own personal life story, for the sake of making sense of it all. But still — my best work that I’ve written has always been the posts and essays that tell of a story, and not just an idea or a point of view or an observation, or me. And I can take just five seconds of examination to see that the difficult times in my life were when I lost track of the story that I was living, and I know immediately that I can see the same consequences (some presently unfolding) in the lives of others that I know.

And the only narrative in this very post is just in taking note of some emerging confluences in my life. Through this book and others I’ve read recently, currents surging through the Argosy community, and timelines that stretch into the past … I’m presently growing more aware of my own story that the Spirit is writing, and with more confidence than in years past. And I’m looking forward to 2012 with expectancy that this authorship of Jesus will continue with power, and I’ll see Him move, and know His movement in my own limbs, and see the story that He’s writing with my members more than I’ve ever known before.

And if you want it, I offer that benediction to you as well. Happy 2012.

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