Welllllll it’s been far too long again.

I was convinced recently that I need to start writing again more often. So, hopefully this will be picking back up. For now, some updates — who knows who’s still subscribed to this thing …

1) I have a real job

I work at Volusion now, a fast-growing e-commerce platform who hosts the software that runs about 20,000 online stores. Yep, after years of running from the full-time office job, I took the plunge, and it was big-time providence. More on that running / plunging in a later blog.

2) I’m single

I really sought the Lord hard with Sarah. We had a lot of dreams together. But, it wasn’t meant to be, and He gave a lot of peace to both of us toward that. I’ve been mourning for about 6 weeks now, and looking forward to what God will do between me and Him in this new season of singleness. Every time I’ve exited a relationship in the last few years, I’ve been excited about what God would do. And He’s doing.

And here’s a funny picture about being single —>

3) I’m moving out of the Hampton House

Yes, I’ve decided. Sometime at the end of this summer, I will leave the messy, chaotic, loving, conflict-ridden, comfortable, dilapidated, spirit-filled parody of a co-op that I’ve come to call home for more than a year. It has been, and still is, a wonderful privilege to live here. I feel as though I’ve received training for how to be a father, and that my World Race crash course in community has really come home during my time at Hampton. But, I feel God inviting me to a smaller place, with fewer roommates (fewer than 26), where I’ll learn in a deeper way about hospitality, building a home, and living in family.


That’s all for now. I’m really thrilled that you’re still reading this after 6 months of silence. More to come shortly.

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